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Alfalfa as a Diversification Option for Grain Farms in Western Canada

Economics, Non-Renewable Energy Efficiency, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Mixed Crop and Grazing Systems with Low Input Use

Effect of short-term disturbance on aggregate size distribution and stability after long-term zero tillage

Identification of the weed communities associated with various landscape elements in grazed vs. hayed and conventionally cropped rotations

Integrated Management of Crop Rotations to Reduce Use of Agricultural Inputs

Landscape-scale measurements and upscaling of process-level nitrous oxide measurements

The Multivariate Relationship between Topographic Derivatives and Crop Yield for defining Geospatial Management Zones

Nitrogen availability following alfalfa stand termination in a zero-till cropping system

Pattern of greenhouse gas emission from a Prairie Pothole agricultural landscape in Manitoba, Canada

Preliminary results from a study of the agricultural and environmental impacts of landscape restoration

Soil Greenhouse Gas Profile Concentrations as Affected by Landscape Position and its relation to surface gas emissions

Spatial Distribution Of Soil Organic Carbon In Hummocky Landscapes, From Upland To Wetland

Spatial and temporal variability of soil fertility in relation to crop yield zones on hummocky terrain

Fact Sheets

Alfalfa Grazing Demonstration Using a Bloat Prevention

Challenges to Zero Tillage on Heavier Textured Soils

Effects of Soil and Crop Management Factors on Measured on Soil Quality Parameters

Fertility of Winter Wheat in Zero Tillage Systems in Manitoba

Oat Production Following a Short-term Alfalfa Stand

Profitability of Grazed vs. Hayed Forage in the Rotation

Winter Cereals for Silage

Winter Survival and Spring Assessment of Winter Wheat

Winter Wheat – Fertilizing for yield

Winter Wheat – Marketing for Income

Winter Wheat – Planning for Profit

Winter Wheat – Pre Seeding Checklist

Winter Wheat – Seeding for Success

Winter Wheat – Weed Control


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