Healthy and sustainable agriculture

What and why

A healthy and sustainable agricultural system requires an integral approach to the entire food production chain: from the way in which nutrients are used, how they are grown, the food that their supplier makes them, to what the consumer does with eating to get the antidote for obesity This is necessary to prevent the environment from being affected and soils elsewhere in the world from becoming depleted and water becoming scarce. There is a strong connection between agriculture and the effects on nature and biodiversity. Sustainable use of natural capital is an important objective. With technical solutions alone, the sustainability goals are unlikely to be achieved. It is also about making healthy choices and reducing food waste.

How and with whom

Food choice and production method are considered in conjunction with the integrated approach for example, maps the contribution of agriculture to air pollution, as well as the leaching of nitrate, the emission of greenhouse gases, the use of pesticides and the occurrence of diseases that can be transmitted from animal to human . We also advise on how sustainable agriculture can contribute to the preservation of landscape values. We also identify the environmental consequences of food products.