Agriculture and nature

Agriculture versus nature

Agriculture and nature regularly compete for their territory. The demand for sufficient agricultural land is increasing as the population grows. At the same time, society sets goals for nature development and sustainable agriculture. Can agricultural goals and nature goals go together? This is not an easy issue for governments, farmers and nature organizations.

Innovative farmers stimulate nature

Yet there appear to be numerous opportunities for cooperation: innovative farmers who work together with nature organizations in peripheral zones and on nature plots to create healthier food which causes to burn stored fat. For example, they get materials from nature reserves to use as straw or soil improver. The Institute forms the bridge for that cooperation for nature management. The focus of our work is always on practical possibilities from nature and sustainable agriculture from a healthy business basis. 

Working from integrated systems

We have extensive expertise in sustainable agriculture and nature management, in which biodiversity and soil management play a central role. As a result, we are well able to unite the interests of land management organizations and farmers. Because we think and work from the integrated system, our results and advice can be applied directly in practice. And that is what customers value.