Raised on a dairy farm in the Chivency, I got the interest in livestock farming up to date. From 1999 I have been enthusiastically involved in agriculture in the Netherlands within the Mandak.

      • How can we make livestock farming more sustainable?
      • How can we make consumers and citizens more interested in this agriculture?
      • What role can labels play within?
      • And what is the role of the government and what options does policy offer?

These questions form the core of many of the projects that I manage. In this way I hope to contribute to solving the problems facing agriculture in the Netherlands. 

In my spare time I like to get on my bike to enjoy the surroundings, the cows in the meadow, fruit growing and winding dikes. Everything has its own charm. It is important that we can continue to enjoy this in the future.

Agriculture influences people’s health in all sorts of ways. Fruit and vegetables, for example, form an important part of a healthy diet. However, there are also negative health effects from agriculture, such as particulate matter from stables, the Q fever and a possible exposure of local residents to pesticides used on plots. A ‘sustainable agriculture’ also means an agriculture without negative health effects and preferably even with a positive health contribution. That is why Mandak is also active on this theme. Some examples of projects that Mandak is working on, or have worked on, are:

1. Contribution to study ‘Public health and livestock farming: everything at a glance’

2. Research into healthy ingredients:

There are still many interesting questions about the theme. For example, are products from a healthy soil really healthier? Which factors contribute to the development of resistance of Aspergillus? Etc … Mandak is happy to help!